2019 Rhizomes Available

Well, last season was one of best yet for hops in Nova Scotia, and we’re excited to get cranking again this season. We still anticipate having plenty of rhizomes available, so place your order or check out the FAQ on how to add to your existing order. Stock online is kept up-to-date.

We’ve had wet ground a bit later this spring, and wet soil doesn’t like to be disturbed, both for the sake of the plants and the soil health. So rhizome harvest is just getting underway.

Not to worry! We’ve found that rhizomes don’t do a whole lot until the middle of May anyway, and can be planted as late as June and do quite well.

As I think about new growers, a few bits of advice come to mind.

Remember that planting is never the first job! If your soil is ready to work, make sure it’s weed-free. Get your irrigation set up for the year. Tweak your trellising. Plan your soil nutrition. Check out our Planting Tips.

If you’ve got established plants starting to break ground, think about knocking back the early growth, and getting a round of Bordo mixture onto the first round of growth you’re going to keep and train. Prevention is by far the best disease control.

Get ahead and stay ahead!

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