Please read some frequently asked question here:

When will my order arrive? 

We take pre-orders through the winter, then, depending on the weather, hop rhizomes are harvested in mid-late April and ship on a Monday in late April or early May. We’ll send out a notification of anticipated shipping dates when harvest is underway, at which point, an alternate ship date can be arranged if you will be away. You will receive tracking information when your order ships, if you have selected Canada Post Expedited (highly recommended) or Xpresspost. If you haven’t heard from us, it’s because rhizome harvest hasn’t begun, or because harvest is not far enough along for shipping dates to have been set.

What variety should I buy?

With some basic horticultural knowledge (see “Rhizome Planting Tips” page), in the right areas (see FAQ: Can I grow hops where I live?), most varieties are easy to grow, even though disease resistence and vigour vary somewhat. So we always recommend that people grow what they want to brew with, or talk to the brewers they are growing for! For good information on varieties, see the Hop Union varieties page.

The variety I want is out of stock, what now?

Throughout the winter and early spring, stock levels are only estimates of what will be harvested, and many varieties “sell out” through pre-orders. Contact us if you are interested in a variety that is sold out, so that we can notify you, if, at harvest time, additional supply becomes available, since it will be posted online at that time. You can always order whatever is available now, and add to your order later (see How do I add to my existing order? in the FAQ). However, since we cannot guarantee that more supply will become available, we recommend ordering early (beginning in January), or looking here for reference alternative varieties.

How do I add to my existing order?

Sometimes, more rhizomes become available at harvest, and people who have already pre-ordered want to add buy a few more rhizomes. Simply create an additional order, apply the coupon “existing” in order to receive a discounted handling fee, and select the shipping option: “Add to existing shipment to same address” during checkout. This applies strictly to orders that will be combined into one shipment.

Can I grow hops where I live?

If you’ve got well-drained soil with a roughly neutral, or very slightly alkaline pH, 120 frost free days in your growing season, and you are between 35 and 55 degrees latitude, you should be able to grow hops.

Where can I learn about growing hops?

See our Rhizome Planting Tips page for some basic care instructions. Hops require trellising. There are as many solutions as there are growers, but full sun and sturdy rigging over 10 feet is a good start. If you’re going to get serious about growing hops, join a forum like Yahoo “Grow-Hops” and have a look through the existing discussions. There’s a wealth of knowledge already out there, and time spent researching will pay off.

Are you organic?

If you are, or are planning to be, a certified grower, bear in mind that section of the Canadian organic standard, as of this time (2016), allows you to plant non-organic perennial stock, with the caveat that no certified organic crop may be harvested for a year after planting. We are not presently certified organic, providing a cost advantage to you, given our present challenges and the paperwork required to certify! Please see the “About Us” page for more detail on our agricultural practises.

Do you ship outside of Canada?

Unfortunately, not at this time.