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Welcome to Four Horses Farm

May 7, 2016:
Orders have closed for the season. Existing orders will ship on Monday May 9. Happy growing, and see you in 2017! 
Check out the FAQ for more instructions on how to add to your existing order.

General Ordering Information:

Shipping usually occurs in late April or early May for orders received by April.
Stock levels are projected harvest estimates only. We reserve the right to refund or replace with another variety (at your discretion) in case of being oversold, although we are careful not to oversell.
Once a variety is "out of stock," that means it is unavailable for pre-ordering.
Some varieties will remain unavailable for pre-order, but may be added to your order as stock levels are updated once exact yields become known at harvest time. Check out the FAQ for more instructions on how to add to your order later.

Payment is through Paypal (accepts credit cards without requiring a Paypal account). For transactions over $100, email money transfer should be used. Instructions provided at checkout.

When using Paypal, please remember to set the correct shipping address within Paypal. Make sure it matches the address used at checkout, because the Paypal address will be used by default, unless the discrepancy is caught by us and corrected manually.

Recommended shipping is Canada Post Expedited, which includes tracking. Do not use the free shipping option unless you made an order and paid for shipping to which you are subsequently adding items under a matching name that you want shipped to the same address.

Our varieties include Canadian Redvine, Hallertau, Golding, Cascade, Fuggle, Saaz, Nugget, Willamette, Mount Hood, Crystal, Galena, Magnum, Stirling, Centennial, Chinook, Northern Brewer, Brewer's Gold, Liberty, Newport, Zeus, Santiam, and Perle.